A Step-by-Step Guide to Miniature Worlds

macro photography

A Step-By-Step Guide to
Miniature Worlds

My new interactive eBook will enable you to transform your imagination into fantastical miniature worlds using the magic of macro photography.

It is packed full of advice and detailed information on camera gear & settings, and where to source the figurines and props that I use to make my work.

I have not held anything back and have shared everything that I have learned over the past 20+ years. Get ready to start thinking SMALL!

What's inside?

Think Small

I share the two main methods I use for forming my ideas.

The Little People

The best brands of figurines on the market, and where to source them.

The Miniature Studio

We look at the studio setup I use for capturing my miniature dioramas.

Camera Gear & Settings

A comprehensive guide to using the DSLR camera specifically for macro photography and the settings that work best.

Props & Backdrops

Keeping it simple – what to use to create simple yet eye-catching miniature scenes

The Full Monty

Putting everything into practice: A detailed look at the creative process from start to finish.

Online Gallery

An exclusive online gallery showcasing over 35 dioramas, all created using my unique and simplistic approach to macro photography.

I have not held anything back and have shared everything with you that I have learned over the past 20+ years. This book is truly a labour of love and I hope you find it incredibly helpful.

This eBook is 52 pages long, costs just £20 and is absolutely crammed full of useful information and helpful tips.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Miniature Worlds
Pages of quality tuition
Years experience shared
Chapters of information

“The generous sharing of knowledge and creative thought process within this book befit the minute attention to detail found in David’s macro images. This is a highly engaging resource which will spark new ways of seeing and thinking to give endless hours of possibilities. I will now never look at pasta without seeing the fun of a helter-skelter!”

Claire Bell, Faculty Leader of Creativity and Enterprise, St Matthew’s Academy.

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